2022   Sep – Dec   Humility: an Out-flowing from our Identity and Uniqueness in Christ
    May – Aug   2022 NCFI-PACEA Virtual Conference is coming!
    Jan – Apr   Greetings from SNCF President Ms Alice Phua
 2021   Sep Dec   SNCF Nurses’ Day 2021: Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer
  May – Aug   Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) Congress 2021 
  Jan – Apr   Three Imperatives For SNCF Members
 2020  60th Anniversary edition    60 Years (1960-2020) of God’s Faithfulness: Victory in Christ
  Sep – Dec    SNCF 60th Anniversary Celebration 
  May – Aug   SNCF Thanksgiving 2019 
  Jan – Apr   GOD is With Us in All Our Moments
2019   Sep – Dec   SNCF NURSES’ DAY on 5th August
  May – Aug   Experiencing God in Africa
  Jan – Apr   SNCF Thanksgiving 2018
  May – Aug   The 12th NCFI PACEA Conference 2018 (TAIWAN)
  Jan – Apr   SNCF Thanksgiving 2017: Our God Reigns
2017   Sep – Dec   More Than A Diamond
  May – Aug   My Personal Journey on Health and Wholeness
  Jan – Apr   To NCF Singapore From NCFI President 
2016   May – Aug   NCFI Congress 2016
  Jan – Apr   Secret To My Christian Living
2015   Sep – Dec   SNCF Celebrates Nurses’ Day: Salt & Light
  May – Aug   SNCF Conference 2015: Caring Together, Working Together
  Jan – Apr   Christ’s Healing Ministry SNCF Thanksgiving Celebration
2014   Sep – Dec   Guard Your Deposit
  Jan – Apr   Parish Nurse Basic Preparation Course
2013   May – Aug   Parish Nursing
    Jan – Apr   A Lighthouse
2012   Sep – Dec   Spiritual Friendship
    May – Aug   Wholistic health for leaders – a biblical perspective
  Jan – Apr   Growing as one in Christ by displaying Christlikeness
2011   Sep – Dec   Let Christ live His life through you
  May – Aug   Love does no harm to its neighbour
  Jan – Apr   Becoming God-centred Christian nurses
2010   Sep – Dec   SNCF 50th Anniversary Celebration
  May – Aug   Healing the whole person: the spiritual dimension
  Jan – Apr   Nurses and spirituality
2009   Sep – Dec   Restoration of the Wall of Nursing
  May – Aug   They have no more wine. Have you?
  Jan – Apr   Come and join us
2008   Sep – Dec
  May – Aug
  Jan – Apr
2007   Sep – Dec   Nursing as a vocation
  May – Aug   Are you ready to jump?
  Jan – Apr   Community health nursing in Zhaojue
2006   Jul – Dec   On being a Christian leader in the marketplace
  Mar – Jun   Rising up to our positions
2005   Sep – Dec
  May – Aug   Refocus and realign our lives in Christ – or are we occupied and preoccupied?
  Jan – Apr   Equipped for Christ in nursing

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