SNCF is an interdenominational organization existing to strengthen Christian life and witness within the Nursing profession. Founded in 1960, it is part of Nurses’ Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) which has a membership of over 30 countries. SNCF is also one of the 8 Foundation Members of St. Luke’s Hospital for the Elderly (now known as St. Luke’s Hospital).

Our Objectives

  • Promote spiritual growth amongst Christian nurses by devotional reading of the Bible and by prayer;
  • Encourage all members in their witness to the Lord Jesus as Saviour and God and to seek to lead other nurses to a personal faith in Him;
  • Foster the missionary spirit among nurses and to help those members who are serving the Lord in spreading the Gospel;
  • Assist the nurses to relate their faith to their profession.

Our Activities

  • Monthly prayer meeting
  • Professional seminars and conferences
  • Social-get-togethers
  • Outreach activities
  • Community projects


SNCF is maintained on a faith basis, supported by membership subscriptions and voluntary contribution of members and friends.

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